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Marin Termite strives to be at the forefront of environmentally safe and sound pest solutions
and we provide the only reduced-risk, effective and long-lasting Altriset termiticide.

NOVELTY: Altriset is a new different termiticide (anthranilic diamides) like no other. Altriset is rapid, effective, long lasting, but with a toxicity level so low that it has no effect to mammals (humans, pets, cattle, etc.) or toxic/systemic effect on adjacent plants. After years of research, engineers have finally found an active ingredient (Chlorantaniliprole) that is effective against intended insects with no odor, vapors, fumes or impact on occupants or the surrounding environment. That's not only great news for concerned homeowners and tenants, but also for pest control professionals who perform treatments daily.

PROTECTION: Altriset is rapid acting on termites and can disrupt termite feeding within hours, preventing further damage and swarms of flying termites inside structures. Depending on the size of the colony, Altriset can eradicate an entire colony within a few days, weeks or months. Unlike other insecticide repellents, Altriset does not have any odor, taste, color, scent or vapors. Termites pick up the termiticide unknowingly by traveling through it and pass it on to each other through normal insect feeding (trophallaxis), grooming and contact with each other. Altriset remains effective for at least 5 years and provides a long lasting protection to the structure without any short or long-term impact on adjacent plants, nearby landscaping or the environment. That's is why Marin Termite Control will continue to provide a 5-Year warranty against re-infestation of termites with complete perimeter treatments.

RAPID/LASTING: Termites travel underground through cracks, voids and decaying roots. Studies show they branch out in multiple areas often infesting structures through multiple entry points at the perimeter of the structure and in subareas. Altriset liquid termiticide is injected into the soil along the perimeter foundation line of the structure to provide a complete exterior protection and in infested areas to stop termites immediately, keeping them from further damage and swarming.  Because Altriset has no smell, taste or color, termites do not detect or avoid it. Research shows that once termites come in contact with Altriset they exhibit increased aggregation, enhanced grooming and contact with other colony members thereby passing the termiticide onto each other. This increased interaction is the reason why AltrisetÔ is so effective.

ADVANTAGES: Altriset is faster acting and longer lasting that other termiticides like Premise 75, Termidor-SC or even XT-2000 (Orange Oil) remaining effective for over 5 years. Another big advantage of Altriset is that it does not affect plant life; it is not systemic and won't leach with the next rainfall. But the greatest advantage is that Altriset is has an excellent environmental profile, no warning signs like other pesticides and is the first and only termiticide that registered as “Reduced Risk” by the EPA.

Eliminates in less than 3 months
Halts termite feeding within ours
Provides residual effect for more than 5 years
Non-repellent materials undetected by termites
Impacts behavior of termites by enhancing grooming and communication in termite colony
Unique mode of action like no other termite control products
Excellent environment profile and with low toxicity to mamals but effective on termites
First and still only "Reduced-Risk" termiticide

For details from another source read Richard Spilger's blog from University of Nebraska

So your family, friends and neighbors can enjoy a termite free environment with a 5-year warranty and without harmful materials.  We recommend periodic inspections to detect infestations early before damage occurs. So don't hesitate and call for a better, more effective and reduced-risk termite treatement.

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Marin Termite Control

Marin Termite Control is locally based in San Rafael as well as family owned and operated . 
We have been proudly serving homeowners, buyers, sellers, realtors, property managers, contractors and residents from Marin and southern Sonoma counties since 1971.

Marin Termite Control provides quality Termite inspections and treatments with personal courteous and prompt service differentiating us from other large chains and franchised corporations. We listen to our customers who have continuously expressed their support and loyalty over the past four decades and our references are available on our website at
We provide leading edge solutions with minimal impact treatments that are environmentally safer and friendlier to occupants, pets, plants and the surrounding environment using effective products and careful application processes.

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