Thursday, September 8, 2011

Marin Termite Control

Marin Termite Control is locally based in San Rafael as well as family owned and operated . 
We have been proudly serving homeowners, buyers, sellers, realtors, property managers, contractors and residents from Marin and southern Sonoma counties since 1971.

Marin Termite Control provides quality Termite inspections and treatments with personal courteous and prompt service differentiating us from other large chains and franchised corporations. We listen to our customers who have continuously expressed their support and loyalty over the past four decades and our references are available on our website at
We provide leading edge solutions with minimal impact treatments that are environmentally safer and friendlier to occupants, pets, plants and the surrounding environment using effective products and careful application processes.

Call us at 415-456-9620 ~ 415-388-2375 ~ 415-883-8425 
or visit out website at

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