Friday, January 13, 2012


Marin Termite Control recommends pre-sale inspections
before properties are listed for sale
to remove unknowns and better prepare homes for sale
How often have you heard of, or experienced a failed real estate transaction where buyers withdraw their offer due to unknown infestations or substantial damage and associated repair costs?  Drainage or other excessive moisture conditions are also costly items that can affect the outcome of a transaction.
Sellers & realtors spend time, effort and moneys to prepare, stage and market a home for sale. So it makes no sense to wait for a buyer’s inspection to discover conditions, risk loosing a buyer or negotiate at the 11th hour. Countless times in our past 40 years in business we have inspected beautiful homes and found problems that surprised realtors, homeowners and inspectors alike! In these challenging economic times, it is clearly advantageous to get a pre-sale inspection to help improve disclosures and obtain a faster and smoother real estate sale. Our slogan “Don’t go ‘Buy’ Appearances, Have It Inspected”TM is from years of experience when we have seen beautiful homes surprise buyers, sellers and agents with unknown infestations or damages. 
Pre-sale inspections have many advantages including:
- Buyers less likely to withdraw their offer
- Homeowners can fix conditions before a property is listed for sale
- Sellers & agents can prepare a home for sale prior to public knowledge
- Owners have more time to get bids for treatments and repairs
- Conditions can be fixed before MLS listing is made public
- Agents & sellers are better prepared for negotiating credits
- Gives competitive edge over other properties not inspected
- Shows buyers that sellers & agents are more thorough and prepared
- Improves disclosure statements & helps listing agent better market a home
- Easier to schedule an inspection at the seller’s convenience
- Removes future unknowns, shortens negotiating & smooths transaction
- Sellers are more likely to disclose & discuss information with inspector
- Give better pricing/negotiation based on disclosure & repairs performed
- Cost of inspection is offset by knowledge & buyer withdrawal
- Provides buyers with feeling of preparedness and confidence
- Gives a third party unbiased view of condition of property
- Inspection report is available for review on site buy buyers
- Encourages buyers to wave contingencies and request less negotiating
Our inspections are thorough and our reports are fair, straight to the point, detailed and clear. Reports list active infestations (section 1 items), issues conducive to infestations (section 2 items) and inaccessible areas in need of further inspection (section 3 items). Each item is followed by a recommendation, and treatment costs and repair estimates are provided upon request. Reports are emailed or faxed the next business day and we are available for questions from agents, sellers, buyers and their contractors. Marin Termite Control’s rates are competitive and vary with the size of the home.  Inspection fees for most condo or townhouses are $250 and $350 for a 2000 square foot home with a crawl space. Inspection fees are generally paid at the time of inspection when the inspector reviews findings with the realtors and sellers or buyers.

Call (415) 456-9620 & check our website at for additional information on inspections, treatments and repairs.


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