Friday, April 19, 2019


Since 1971 Marin Termite Control offers detailed & thorough Complete and Limited inspections as well as local and complete treatments and structure fumigation depending on your needs.

Complete Inspections:
Sellers & Realtors:
Many experienced agents and careful sellers request a pre-listing inspection to find any possible issues that may compromise the sale of a property in escrow.

Here are some of the advantages of getting a pre-listing inspection before putting your property up for sale on the MLS:
Correct infestations, damage and defects prior to listing
Maximize your sell price and improve appeal of property
Better appeal and conditions against similar listings
Widen & increase prospective buyers interest
Improve asking and selling price of home for sale
Disclose infestations, damage and defects to price accordingly
Lessen chances of losing interested buyers to other sales.

Buyers & Lenders:
Most buyers, realtors and lenders recommend or request a termite inspection at time of making an offer and prior to removing contingencies to find if there are any infestations and costly repairs to be expected or planned.

Here are some of the advantages to getting a purchase inspection:
Know condition of structure with infestations, damage and deficiencies
Expose condition of property and potential costs of treatment, repairs or replacement
Request correction prior to close of escrow or credit for costs to be incurred
Improve negotiating leverage to lessen listing price for a lower purchase price
Allows buyers to reconsider and withdraw their offer in case of doubt or high repair costs
Permits prospective buyers to compare known conditions with other similar properties

Our inspections are fair, straight to the point, detailed and thorough. Our reports list active infestations (section 1 items), issues conducive to infestation (section 2), inaccessible areas in need of further inspection (section 3) and relevant informational items (section 4). Each item addressed is followed with a recommendation and the cost of some items may be estimated upon request.

Most reports are faxed and/or emailed (PDF format) the following business day and and a hard copy is sent via US mail upon request. "Complete Inspections and Reports" start at $300 and depending upon the type, size and location of the structure to be inspected.

Limited Inspections:  As a homeowner, whether you witnessed an active infestation or want to periodically check if there are any currently damaging your home. We offer competitive pricing for a Limited Inspections and provide a detailed report addressing not only specific areas of concerns but other issue that may lead to infestations

Here are some of the advantages to getting a periodic limited inspection:
Find and correct hidden infestations and damage before costly repairs are incurred
Expose conditions that may lead to infestations, deterioration and damage
Obtain treatment and repair options from professional inspectors with years of experience
Compare prices, warranties and quality of work provided with other companies
Determine what priorities need to be addressed first and what can be deferred
Correct deficiencies or inadequacies before they lead to infestation and damage
Get  informative recommendations for preserving your home and preventing infestations

We provide valuable and quality service with decades of experiences in professional construction, entomology, integrated pest management, technological and chemical knowledge. We perform thorough and detailed inspections and deliver clear and concise quality reports that include detailed diagnosis and specific recommendations backed with custom warranties.

Free Inspections: Some of the larger corporations or franchised companies offer so-called "Free Inspections" as a marketing tool and incentive to attract a wide variety of clients. The cost of all these free inspections is passed onto clients through a higher price for treatments and repairs, including the cost of other inspections that did not result in work.

Marin Termite Control believes that you should not have to incur the cost of other's inspections. We do not provide free inspection due to operational costs and expenses and charge a nominal and reasonable fee for providing you with a thorough inspection, detailed report and the extra time we take to provide you with all the relevant and correct information to allow you to make the right decision.

We provide our customers with the best service, treatment, repairs and follow-through in the industry. Our inspectors don't cut corners, speed through inspections or give standard marketing speeches to give the illusion of free services for a higher price. Marin Termite is a family owned company where you won't be treated just like another client. With Marin Termite you can count on personalized care and you will always remain our local and valued customer.


Fumigations:  For extensive Drywood Termite infestation, we provide tenting and fumigation of residential and commercial structures with Vikane Sulfuryl Fluoride and we offer a 3 year warranty on fumigated structures. Upon request, a fumigation schedule and checklist is sent to you and our workmen will check the structure is prepared for the fumigation and clear of any visible Drywood Termite pellets.

Perimeter Treatments: For Subterranean Termite infestations, we provide a complete perimeter chemical treatment to residential and commercial structures with Altriset or Termidor termiticides and we offer a 5-year warranty against re-infestation of Subterranean Termites to perimeter-treated structures. Treatment consists of establishing a complete underground termiticide barrier along the entire perimeter of the house.

Local-Spot Treatments: When feasible, small Wood Boring Beetle and Drywood Termite infestations may be treated locally. This is a Secondary Substandard Control Measure and the treatment consists of drilling a series of small holes in the infested and adjacent wood members and injecting termiticide (Altriset, Termidor,  Tim-Bor, BoraCare or Orange Oil). Pricing for local/spot treatment is competitive; however warranty may be limited for local treatments as infestations may extend into untreated or inaccessible areas.

Perimeter Treatments: 5 year warranty against Subterranean Termites with complete perimeter treatments.
Drywood Fumigations: 3-year warranty against Drywood Termites to fumigated structures.
Local Spot Treatments: Limited warranty depending on accessibility and size of infestation.

Questions? Give us a call at (415) 456-9620 ~ (415) 388-2375 or (415) 883-8425


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